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Raven's Brew Coffee®, Three Peckered Billy Goat Coffee®, Deadman's Reach Coffee®

The World’s Best Coffee in The Most Irresistible Packaging

At our primary mission is to serve and support coffee retailers. Beyond our unsurpassable coffee and packaging, is set apart by its unparalleled service.



We encourage you to take full advantage of our staff’s collective expertise. Our knowledge extends beyond our passion for the bean. We are here to help you excel in selling coffees, whether it be in your café, grocery store, giftshop, or other business. This could relate to best brewing practices, equipment selection, product assortment, order quantities, merchandising, promotion, or any other aspect your coffee business.

Friendly Staff

Our Customer Service and
Sales team are ready to assist you:

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PT

Phone: 800-91 RAVEN (72836)


We have two locations to serve you

Ketchikan, Alaska

 Tumwater, Washington


Our coffees are carefully selected, blended, and roasted to bring the perfect balance to every cup.

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Awesome Branded Merchandise

Besides coffee quality, one of our great strengths is in our branding. All of our label art is available on many sales-support products including apparel, mugs, posters, postcards, etc. at wholesale prices. These add to sales and reinforce your clientele to the point of cultishness.

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Promotional Materials

Along with our strong branding of the packaging itself, we also offer an array of promotional materials in all shapes and sizes—everything from digital copy for your printer or website, to material for your walls, windows, even your staff’s and your customer’s bodies! Please contact us for information on custom and co-branded items.

How did you find ? Tell us your story!
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  • “I am a truck driver here in washington and I had stopped for a break at the ‘red mountain coffee’ shop at the summit of Snoqualmie pass and got a cup of what was brewing and saw the ‘Grin and Bear It’ T-shirt they had on display. Read More

  • “Like many new products I buy, it was the label of Dead Man’s Reach that caught my eye, sitting right there next to 3-Peckered Billy Goat. Read More

  • “I was on summer vacation with my fiancé and my best girlfriend in Payson, a mountain town on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. Read More

  • “My story is very simple: we were out grocery shopping and while looking for a “new” coffee to try I spied a bag of Wicked Wolf. Read More